Python Interpreter: 2.4.3

green: Ok! | red: you have to install it | orange: install the one for your database

Status of required Python libraries

Library Installed Version Download Library
PyXML 0.8.4 PyXML
libxml2 installed libxml2 (win mac solaris)
libxslt installed libxslt is part of the libxml2 distribution above
mxDateTime 2.0.3 mxDateTime


Status of bundled libraries:

Library Installed Version Download Library
metakit metakit
BioCASE lib 2.4.2 BioCASE libs


Status of additional database dependent drivers:

Library Installed Version Download Library
mxODBC not installed ODBC module
pymssql 0.8.0 MS SQL Server module (unix/win)
pyPgSQL 2.4 PostgreSQL module
psycopg 1.1.21 Alternative PostgreSQL module - win binaries
MySQLdb 1.2.1g3 mySQL module
cx_Oracle not installed Oracle 8-9 module, you also need the Oracle Client
kinterbasdb not installed Firebird/Interbase module
SQLlite 1.0.1 pySQLite module
sybase not installed Sybase module


Optional external binaries:

Binary Status Path
Graphviz Dot Binary not found /usr/local/bin/dot


Status of writable directories and files:

Directory Status Path to problematic file
Configuration Writeable None
Log Writeable None