In this page you can find several utilities useful when installing the software and for maintaining it.

The first three links are used to check that you have correctly installed the provider software and you have correctly configured your webserver to run Python CGIs scripts. In the description you can see what should you see after doing click if everything is fine.

Testing utilities

Utility Description
Test your Python CGI installation "Hello World" as CGI.
Library test

A CGI that looks for optional and required python libraries needed to run the wrapper. Here is an example installation at the BGBM.

PyWrapper query forms Dynamic HTML forms to query any of your datasources with semi-automatically generated BioCASe protocol XML or SPICE queries to test the PyWrapper.

Other utilities

Utility Description
Display your webservers environment You will get a list of all environment variables set by your webserver as well as some custom calculations. If you have trouble with the BioCASE provider software attach this list to your error report to the BioCASE support.
List your installed character encodings You will get a list of installed codepages that python can use. Use those names inside your providerconfig.xml configuration. The most common encoding for europe is "latin_1" (which is the same as "iso8859_1").
URL encode any string You will be able to encode a string as a URL.
Generate a new CMF template from your custom XML schema This little tool will allow you to process your XML schema into the Concet Mapping File that the wrapper needs to be able to use this schema.


If you have problems please refer to the documentation or contact us by email or trough the newsgroup.